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If only we knew what we would face in the near future…

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Dear future generation,

First things first, everyone wears masks now.. You probably wear them as well, but, at one point it wasn’t normal. We kept telling ourselves “I can’t wait until we get back to normal’’, but it never came back. Time stole our false hope and threw reality into perspective, fast. I lost track of time and, before I knew it, “the new normal” crept and forced everyone to obey its new rules. I think in twenty-twenty we were all just looking for something to bring us back to life. A lot of people became homeless, lost their jobs…

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Hi there,

I’m so excited to talk with you once again, I hope you’re doing great!

So I updated the publications features, including the new “weekly spotlight” tab.

That’s right, every week I will create prompts that spark creativity in the wandering family and pick content that contributed and inspired us.

Your work broadcasted to the entire publication and shown off for your hard work.

I can’t wait to see your creations and see our family expand, as always stay blessed and much success!

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Floating in living waters, a soul has flourished.

Somewhere, here, there, anywhere.

Come and find me I’ll be waiting by that one tree you saw me standing.

Your presence.

Your presence is everywhere yet, you only present one way to get to you.

Floating in living waters a soul has flourished.

Assuming you’re playing hard to get, in an instant you correct thee mindset.

You shocked me!

It’s been me all along, I have been the one who’s prolonged.

A a second without you would be too long, my soul couldn’t bare it.

My mind couldn’t stand it.

My thoughts…

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Life is precious in the moments that are little

fiddling with my thoughts


emotional rollercoaster with technical difficulties.

History produces the same results

a wise man once said there's nothing new under the sun

words, scriptures, words, verses.

As I grow like a tree after a forest fire these words stick with me

fiddling my thoughts into a web of lies.

Battling temptation with a sword and shield,

my knees give in due to lack of faith.

I’ll convince myself that reality isn’t real

I’ll scrimmage and finally take responsibility for my consequences.

Floating on clouds, twirling sheets while…

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What makes life worth living ?

What makes life worth living, is it wealth, financial security, the perfect family, a reckless, risky life, or is all vanity ? If we were to meet and you’d have this exact conversation with me, I’d pause for seven seconds and say…Truth. I think truth makes life worth living, truth is so beautiful, it never changes and it lives if you allow truth to come to the surface it will set you free.

I want to look at life with wide eyes, literally; I don’t want to take it for granted another second. I sometimes face this one question that’s…

The earth is shattering and as you turn, your head slowly your love has met your gaze — Through anything your love conquers. Find out if you’re ready for what comes next!

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Pages of commitment to your heart.

Love is simply exhilarating. You can see why people rave about it. You read about love in books, capture its mesmerizing grasp in films, and see it in life.

Love is sweet as honey and pure, so I can understand why you want it. My job today is to give you a bit of dating advice, but there is a catch, I’m an amateur.

I’m in love with being in love. Being an amateur has its advantages. …

Will you choose to try something new in order to kick stress out of your life?

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It’s funny how a simple pen and paper can help those worrisome thoughts that flood your mind disappear. No one can honestly say they are completely stress-free because we live in a world where stress can easily be found. In fact, I remember a particular day I reminisce often, and it what quite a day, it had to be one of the most stressful days I’d ever experienced.

It was a day at work, the worst day at work. I had already started my…

Daily Thoughts.

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